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Kailh GM Reds 4.0 Mouse Micro Switch (60m)

Kailh GM Reds 4.0 Mouse Micro Switch (60m)

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The Kailh GM 4.0 micro switch is quickly gaining popularity in the mouse modification scene as a great alternative to the more common Huano/Omron Brands. Described as feeling 'in-between' an Omron and a Huano switch in terms of feel and actuation force.

If you think the Logitech G Pro Wireless Clicks are too light and a Zowie Mouse Clicks are too heavy then this is the switch for you.

  • 24k Gold Contacts
  • Operating force: 70+/- 10gf
  • Crisp with uniform rebound strength
  • life: 60 million Clicks
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