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Kailh Mute Silent Mouse Micro Switch (3m) (1Pcs)

Kailh Mute Silent Mouse Micro Switch (3m) (1Pcs)

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Kailh Silent 2-pin red microswitch comes in 7.3mm height options. These are the quietest switches that we offer. To replace standard 3-pin switches, you will need the 7.3H switches

Please note - These switches only have two pins, however, they should still be compatible with most mice. You need to solder these switches in the top two pins, and leave the third bottom pin empty. It is fine to leave the third pin empty as it is typically meant for a debounce circuit, but there are pretty much zero mice that actually use it.


Size - 6.2*6.2*7.3mm (red) or 6.2*6.2*4.3mm (yellow)

Lifespan - 3M

Operation force - Approximately 70±15gf

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